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Accurate Record Keeping is a Key Component to the Success of Your Business

Do you wonder where your business spends its money? Are you confident that it is being spent wisely or do you think there are places to save? Do you look at reports and wonder what they mean?

Do you want to feel confident going into tax season knowing that your books are up to date and accurate? Do you want someone who can explain where your money is going, possible ways to save, and explain reports in a way that makes sense?

The books don’t have to be a cause of sleepless nights and aggravation. Let me take the burden so you can focus on what you do best.

Bookkeeping Services

Organize the Books

Get rid of the clutter and confusion.

  • Clean up previous years/months books
  • Set up new books
  • Ensure clear and concise Chart of Accounts
  • Verify Customers and Vendors information

Verify and Simplify the Books

Keep track of money coming and going from your business. Double check that transactions are on the books correctly.

  • Reconcile books to bank and credit card statements
  • Run reports to verify accurate recording of income and expenses
  • Ensure assets and liabilites are on the books correctly

Communicate with You

Quick response time to answer questions in a way that is easy to understand.

  • Available via email, phone, video calls, and local in-person meetings
  • Secure portals to exchange necessary information and documents
  • Schedule times to discuss reports, money flow, possible time and money savers

Tax Preparation

Assist with getting necessary documents ready for your accountant for tax season.

  • Profit and Loss Reports
  • 1099’s

Remote Bookkeeping Capabilities

Located near Bangor, Maine, but I can help you from anywhere.

Custom Packages Just for You

No two businesses are the same, and neither is my service to you. Your business needs a custom proposal laying out how we can solve those bookkeeping needs together. 

Get In Touch With Me

Let’s talk about how I can meet your bookkeeping needs.